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Started at the end of 2006, Reach for the Sky is Jim Davenport's primary Serenity Play-by-Post game. It has completed five full episodes and is moving on to more.

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Current Group Goals

Ray of Hope Ship's Books

Our heroes own and fly the Ray of Hope partly to the benefit of the Long Reach charitable organization and partly for their own profit. The crew gets some monies from the Long Reach but rely on shares of profits for most of their income.

The Stories

  • Episode 1: Reach for the Sky - Trapped on a world gripped with disaster in the waning days of the war, our heroes must find a way to stay alive.
  • Episode 2: Hobbville - United with a ship and some purpose, our heroes learn of an epidemic in a company town which refuses aid.
  • Episode 3: Silverhold - The Long Reach sends the [i]Ray of Hope[/i] to a remote mining town which is plagued by problems and threatened with default to the Mining Consortium.
  • Episode 4: Ghosts - Whispers that Arielle is alive catch the ears of our heroes and they move heaven and earth to find her.
  • Episode 5: Loss of Hope - Their ship stolen by persons unknown, they hire on to a cruise liner destined to become victim of a major Reaver assault.
  • Episode 6: Memories - As they struggle to reach civilization in shuttles with dwindling air, each hero has memories that well up.

The Crew


The crew consists of:

  • Majority Owner/Doctor Jing Zhi
  • Magician and Performer, Pilot Anton Blackthorne

Crew Non-Player Characters

  • Pilot Mei-Ling Zhou (NPC - Mei-Mei)
  • Miss Katrina - Anton's girlfriend and Steward for the ship.
  • Old Magician Buddy Boris - Old friend and rival of Anton.
  • Molly - Fake nurse and real secret agent, love interest of Jing.

Departed Player Characters

  • Jack Madsen - Left on Persephone
  • Peter Xho - Left on Persephone
  • Sean O'Malley - (SLAIN) on the Enduring Flight
  • Minority Owner/Former Captain/Engineer Mortimer "Shecki" Shechmeyer (CURRENTLY IN PRISON ON PERSEPHONE)
  • Garen Carter - might have been the pilot but he got 'et by Reavers in Episode 5.

Major Non-Player Characters:

  • Temporary Pilot Andy Stickridge
  • Eunice McDonald - Long Reach worker
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